Third Week – Teaching Practice

The third week already comes! This week is my turn to stand in front of the student and start teaching! Of course, I feel nervous and but when I see the student’s eyes and they greet me warmly, “I can do it” from me to myself. I keep encouraging myself that I can teach this week. Last week, I’ve substance my mentor and teaching in class. So, right now I’m ready teaching based my own lesson plan and some of the improvisation.

  • Procedures of Teaching

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Teaching Plan – Science(Physics)


Before start teaching, as a student teacher, we should create a lesson plan to make us well-organized and we know what we’re going to do in the class. My teacher gave me a chance to teach all level. The topic that I taught in M1 is motion and Heat. In M2 I taught about Net Force and M3 is Force and Motion. Continue reading “Teaching Plan – Science(Physics)”


Meeting with SEAMEO at CRRU

It was 17 January 2018. After lunch, Khru Ding came and tell me that at 2.30 Pm, CRRU will take us there because there’s a meeting with SEAMEO in CRRU. CRRU fetch us in CRMS6 and then going to Mengrai Maharaj School to pick up KZ and Tintin. I think all of SEATeacher participant in CRRU are invited, but only 2 Filipinos and 2 Indonesian participant. Continue reading “Meeting with SEAMEO at CRRU”

2019 at a glance

Before 2020 coming in a few hours, let me say thank you to my best year, thank you for making me stronger, braver, and be my self this year. So many things that I learned this year. Meet new people and a great experience helps me out from my comfort zone.

While my Instagram following share their best 2019, here I am sharing my 2019 at a glance.

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CRMS6 – Pedagogical Contents

M3 with their Worksheet

1. Teaching methods (Science)

Teaching methods used by the teacher depending on the teacher themselves what methods that want to use. In Science learning, the teacher uses a different method in every meeting. Commonly, the teacher using expository, cooperative learning, and interactive learning. I love the way how he’s teaching in the class. He delivers a science topic in a fun way and gets attention to all of the students. He’s Using interactive media such as Plicker Cards(I always said Plicker cards, because it is my first time knowing this thing). Continue reading “CRMS6 – Pedagogical Contents”

School: General Information and Academic Administration

Chiang Rai Municipality School 6

1. School profile

Chiang Rai Municipality School 6 (Nakorn Chiang Rai) or Tessaban 6 is my receiving school. It located at Amphoe Mueang Chiang Rai, No. 421 Moo 6, Rim Kok Subdistrict Chang Wat Chiang Rai 57100, Thailand. Tessaban 6 is one of school that near with airport and Chiang Rai Rajabhat University. This school has grade Lower Secondary School (SMP in Indonesia) which are M1-M3 (Matthayomsuksa 1-3 or grade 7-9) and Upper Secondary School(SMA in Indonesia) which are M4-M6 (grade 10- grade12).

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When it comes suddenly

Second Week In Chiang Rai!

As usual, every morning we do a flag ceremony. My Phone was broken, I don’t know what causes my battery didn’t want to charge. It keeps 0% and 20% after a night charging. So, I can’t check my phone. Teacher Mary comes to me and She tells me the news that makes my heart beat faster than usual. Continue reading “When it comes suddenly”

Dorm Locked, Did we sleep outside?

Weekend already comes. Actually, Riga and I don’t have a plan for a weekend. So, we decided to go to Big C. We’re curious and want to explore Chiang Rai. We’re going at noon by Bus. We asked a man that sitting at the bus station in front of school “how to go to BIG C” They said there is no vehicle that through to BIG C. We asked our buddies and she said sorry because can’t accompany us to Big C, and she said that we can use purple bus and going to center of city. Continue reading “Dorm Locked, Did we sleep outside?”

First Friday! Observing Day~

In Indonesia and Thailand has the same tradition that every Friday, we should use our traditional clothes. And also me, I use kebaya (traditional clothes from Sunda) and the color is similar to student traditional uniform. I was worry that people will recognize me as a student.

Day 6 in Chiang Rai

Today it’s my first day to observing Teacher Ian teaching. Because some of the class already done with their exam. The first class that I enter was M1 (Mathayom 1) or grade 7. Continue reading “First Friday! Observing Day~”