How to lose weight without exercise?

10 minutes or less, sometimes I feel sluggish to do cardio, yoga, pilates, and all thing about exercise. My activities isn’t complete without snack in around. At any time, this stomach calling for feed. My weight go up continuously till 49 kg. I felt my thigh and my cheeks become big and bigger. My favorite pants wasn’t fit enough. My friends said my face looks alike Baozi.

Because of my laziness, I decided to eat less especially in night (start at 7pm). But it doesn’t work. I avoid meat, and take water often as I can. I can drink more than 2 litre per a day. And this way is work for me even though doesn’t change significantly.

I found my prophet ways to get ideal body. That is a “FASTING EVERY MONDAY AND THURSDAY

I have never hesitated about my prophet Muhammad Sallallahualaihiwasalam (peace be upon him) regarding his teachings to us.

Besides I can lose my weight, I can get merit from Allah Swt. (Aamiin) 😁 because it’s sunnah~

And the result is….

My weight loss 4kg in a month!!

I get skinny again (45kg) 😂

My height is ±150cm which means I should get 40kg-45kg for ideal body :’))

How amazing is it!

Don’t worry to eat snack every night. Cause I do this and my weight isn’t increase too much. But you should do fasting with heart to do Sunnah. Get loss weight just bonus from Allah Swt.😊

Fasting started when fajr comes (around 4.30 am) and end up when the sun is going down(around 6.30 pm) in my place, fasting is ±14hours and we do not eat, drink, and we should’nt to do our desire to do something bad that Allah forbidden.

Soooo, that’s how I lose my weight in a month and still progress until now. Our weight will keep ideal and not over skinny.

Thanks for reading and good luck! Hope this article encourage you to do same 😊

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I called him “SN”

I’ve already lost my love.
And here are my story with him:

This February you’re entirely expired.

Almost 5 years you’ve escorted me everywhere I go.

I couldn’t follow you, I was trying so hard.

Fell and fell again.

Lost my teeth. Lost your eyes.

Up and down.

Blood and sore was generated.

The tragedy was depicted by you and me.

No matter how far I’ve go, you still beside me.

Listening my shrill voice, my sad story, joyful stories, you are good listener.

You never complain.

You allow me what I wanna do to you.


An acclivity was our witness of the last tragedy.


I can’t see behind me.

You are my love. I called you “cinta”

I made a marks in your back “SN”

Cause you’re mine.

Can you guess who are mine?

My first Italian song

A past years ago, I knew about you. Altought we never meet till now, I still keep you in my mind. Social media made us was keep in touch.

“You’re look a like my little sister” since that, I regard you as my brother.

“I will be going to Italy, leave this nice country.”

“Sure, I’ll take you travel all wonderful places here!”

That’s how our chat was go on.

Day by day after your departure, I miss you like crazy (though jm not yours-.-) I realized maybe I keep my heart on you.

I started to write a short story about us that took a place in Rome. I learn Italiano, afterwards fall in love in this beautiful places.

In my bucket list, Venice is one of my wish list.

Imagine we are in the Gondola, kissing and hugging each other 😁


I don’t know where are you now. Hope this distance can become short and limit then we can meet each other. Realizing the dream I’ve ever made. 😢

Okaaay what I want to share is my first italian song, and story above is a prologue how my relationship was.

“Ho capito che ti amo
Quando ho visto che bastava un tuo ritardo
Per sentir svanire in me l’indifferenza
Per temere che tu non venissi più
Ho capito che ti amo
Quando ho visto che bastava una tua frase
Per far sì che una serata come un’altra
Cominciasse per incanto a illuminarsi
E pensare che poco tempo prima
Parlando con qualcuno mi ero messo a dire
Che oramai non sarei più tornato
A credere all’amore, a illudermi e sognare
Ed ecco che poi
Ho capito che ti amo
E già era troppo tardi per tornare
Per un po’ ho cercato in me l’indifferenza
Poi mi son lasciato andare nell’amore” – Ho Capito Che Ti Amo

Playing an old song, made me feeling nostalgia.

That song is my first Italian song that I know. And that song is one of my favorite song. It’s an Italian Old Pop Song around 1964.

I looking for translation and its very touching. And what’s your favorite and first Italian song? Is it be related on your relationship? Let me know~~~ 😀😀

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It’s your birthday! | Why am I not saying HBD?

Well, I can’t deny that I always remember all of my friend birthday. And if you wait for me to say “Happy birthday! All the best for you! May your dreams come true!” In your birthday, I could say it in last day, one week later, one month later, or I never say it to you. It’s not because I forget about your special day, I just want to be a person that you’re waiting for. 😂

Then I always have a feeling, am I to be a person that you’re waiting for or not. Or am I miss you so much or not. It’s depend on my feelings at your birthday time.

I’m not cruel anyway. In my faith, it’s not our prophet said. So, we can’t follow the tradition that’s not come from our prophet.

Prophet Muhammad sallallahualaihiwasalam said, “we must praying for our brothers, sisters and all people everyday” so, although I’m not saying “HBD” to you, insyaallah I’ll always say your name in every pray.

Barakallah! Hope your remaining age come with blessing from Allah Swt. Aamiin😊

Rabbit Town

January 26, I spent my time with my old friend. Tika and Auliya. We know each other since we attend at junior high school. I know Aul because we were in same kindergarten. And Tika, because we used same transportation to go home. It’s been a while we’re not meet up. The last meeting when Ramadhan came last year. And today, we decided to go to Rabbit House. Needed around 1 hour to reach that place. We’re curious about that place. And here:

The first video that I took in there. (Sorry its too amateur) After a while, we didn’t see anything except big rabbit statue. I don’t know what to do cause its such a bored place. But, it will be suitable with people who love take picture of theyself and find a good spot for photography. This is a right place. All furniture, wallpaper, included cafe is really gorgeous. But for me, I’m not addicted with selca world and pictures that included me, I feel it’s kinda wasting time. There are monkey spot it’s really cool. I like it.

And then I saw incomplete building but it’s look nice. Sorry for bad spot.

Tika and Aul, decided to pay IDR20.000 to enter the room for took a pictures. And I walked around this place, took pictures all view. IDR25000 on my card (before we entered the place we should pay IDR25.000 and must be used for eating or anything in that place. It still free entry in January) and I used it for buying “Pempek” it’s Palembang’s dishes. Glance of Rabbit Town according to me:

  • It’s a good place to take photos. If you are a photographer, this is the right place.
  • This place has so much food stalls. The cheapest, IDR6000. An average of price I think IDR30000.
  • If you want to buy a clothes or new fashion, this place has fashion shop and accessories market.
  • And there are a real rabbit place where a child and public can enter. All kind of rabbit is presence. They are sooo adorable. All kind of rabbit is presence. They are sooo adorable.
  • This place has so much cute and cozy cafe.
  • Every wall full of nice wallpaper.

And here are some pictures and videos that I took

It’s latepost. But I saved in draft and forgot to publish it. Sorry. Thanks for reading ~

Laptop | This is the solution

Have you ever doing task, then your PC was legging? Or watching movie then your PC hanging? Open more than 5 application and getting hanging again? Download movie or anime and kdrama but insufficient storage. That’s because our PC have lacking RAM and storage capacity.

Here I’m with my laptop story and the new solutions of lacking laptop.

That’s my recent laptop, ASUS A450C. I have been using that product more than four years. As time goes by, one by one prototypes is getting malfunction.

First, I don’t know about the problem, but when I was doing exercise, this laptop suddenly off. It can’t on with charger, I searched on the internet how to fix this problem. But I can’t find a solution. The next day, I brought it to the service centre.

They said, “Your motherboard is broken, we will fix it. You can comeback here next week” after next week, nothing happen, no calls, no text for service centre. I was waiting for my laptop that isn’t coming yet.

Until 3 months, I decided to come without call because I need my laptop for a last project and task of school. And they said “We are waiting for new prototype from Taiwan”

After long discussion, finally my laptop isn’t fixed. I brought my laptop it’s just fine in cover. But sick from behind.

Not long from that, my laptop always off unexpectedly. The battery status doesn’t work. It show full but must be charged. Till up, my battery always empty and will works if I use charger plug in until now.

Next, my O keyboard doesn’t work. Sometimes it will work if I push down the key much or I press it for a while. After O key, then P key has same problem. It spread like a hot news. Then Enter key, R key, W key, U key, almost QWERTYUIOP and Enter is totally off. I can’t handle this. I give up. Tired of “show on keyboard screen on PC” everytime I’m typing. In that case, I bought a portable keyboard. It helps me a lot. (But now, space key of portable keyboard is off) T.T

Not only that problems, my LCD is going to be broken. Sometimes, It show a line in right and left.

And a few month ago, my charger was broken.

As you can see a cable is broken off. And I bought a new one with another type. It’s ancient type but better than mine.

After using a new charger, my touch pad doesn’t work properly. So, I use mouse and bring it everywhere one pack with charger, portable keyboard, and also laptop. It expand more space on my bag.

That’s no matter for me if I can watch Dramas and movie, doing homework, blogging, editing, gaming, long life battery, do not legging, and has big storage capacity.



Same product with my old laptop, ASUS. I recommend X series. It has so many colors choice and we can choose which match with our personalities.

Image from ASUS website

ASUS X555QA is the perfect all-round value laptop for work and play.

This X series powered by a choice of Intel or AMD processors, the X Series is a stylish notebook designed for those looking to stand out from the crowd. The X Series immerses you in high quality ASUS SonicMaster-enhanced audio; and gives you a 2-second resume from sleep mode, so it’s always ready at a moment’s notice. What’s more, there’s also USB 3.0 for super-fast data transfer speeds. – ASUS

I’m sure this Laptop is solutions for all problems with my previously laptop.

Here are specifications of ASUS X555QA

CPU: 7th Gen AMD APU A10-9620P, 2M Cache, 2.5Ghz-3.4Ghz

I don’t know what that’s mean. But this Varian AMD A10 has awesome performance and do not consume much energy. Max consume energy is only till 15watt! It can help us to reduce energy.

And This series come with operating system Windows 10 64-bit installed on it.

Memory 4GB DDR4 2133Mhz up to 16GB(dual channel support) it means, no legging anymore

Storage 1.000GB SATA HDD. How amazing. I can save more 50 dramas, anime, album, documents and everything!!

This display is 15.6″ absolutely make me enjoy to watching movies!

The important thing this product isn’t too expensive and perfect for our daily performance. Gorgeous display and Audio Asus SonicMaster for great experience.

Not only that, it have 2 years global warranty. So, you don’t worry if this X555QA getting lack before 2 years😂

This price is IDR 6.099.000 or around $450!

Isn’t cool right? Relative budget with great capabilities!

I hope can get this laptop for my daily performance~

You can read all specifications on ASUS website


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My Study Room Decor

Today is still my free time. I want to make my holiday time is productive. So, I tidy up my study room. It’s kind a messy as always.

This is my study room before I decorated it:

And this is my study room after I decorated:

How it looks? Give me some comments below! And hope this is inspired you 😉💕

Check out how I decorated it in here 🌼

In The Middle of January

The worst feeling in this month is got bad grades specifically E in one or more subjects we’ve contract. It means we must study over again in the next semester. Then we just can take limit subjects around 5 or 6 and hold up 2 or 3 subjects for the next semester. Consequently, in the next semester we should study expert than ever to gain great grade.

I’ve tired of being able to get the best GPA in every semester because my GPA is never reach more than 3.20. But I’m so grateful to Allah, bcs give me a chance to continue my studying in the University.

And this semester I decided not to think too much about GPA. I’m sure that every grades which spread out in SINO is the best grades that Allah give through my lecturer. In this middle of the month, I almost forgot to check SINO (website to check our transcript) till my friend asked me, “how about your grades?”

I opened SINO, Evaluations for lecturer was not done yet. It took more than 30 minutes for me to fill all that evaluation. Though I need more 2 days to complete all the evaluations, but I did the evaluation with my sincerely heart. It was like a story telling for the lecturer 😂

Evaluations done. Then, my heart beat abnormally. It became fast and faster after I closed some suggestions “Translate this page in English?” “This page is……….” I clicked cross symbol. Then go to “KHS Semester” I tap it (bcs I checked it in smartphone)

I saw randomly grades C C+ B- B B A A- C B A B+ C

And I scroll down.






To see my newest grades.




It’s more than expectations.



I got A more than 3 from 8 subjects!! It’s a great grades I ever had!! (Sorry for overmuch expression– it’s like you’ve got something that you really wanted after waiting for more than years)

Should I do a celebration for that? It so surprising me! My eyes widen as I saw SINO this night.

I never study hard until dark circles come up on my eyes. I never study hard until my nose are bleed, my head got ache, my sleep routine less than 6 hours, never.

I don’t know, why my lecturers are so kind to me. But I believe, Allah hands are involved. Allah loves me and give me a special gift. Special give that push me to realize, to take responsibility of my grades for the future. Is it true my grades? Or it’s my friend grades? Google grades?

It’s like a whip slap my cheeks.

“So, be honest with your process, Seli. Did you feel guilty everytime you saw your grades? That’s it!” — for me who ever did a sin.

My promise before I started my semester was no cheating, no googling, believe Allah always watching. And Allah show me the way. Show me the right path. Told my brain and my heart that I can doing by myself.

Thank you for all my lecturer who taught every subject that I didn’t understand, and my friends who want to be my collab partner in every examination 😂 always support me when I drowned and took me when I buried myself with anxiety, antisocial, morose, and uncomfortable with my harsh life.

and Allah who always by my side, best planner for my life I’m so grateful, praised be upon You. Alhamdulillah ~~~~


P.s. My struggling to increase GPA is only paid 0.05 its……..


I Have No Idea

Every Tuesday, as usual I always go to Parahyangan City. I teach Anin (my pupil name) Mathematics, student of primary school grade 6.

Anin is a quite girl in first glance. But, after a long conversation, she is loquaciously.

However, this is not my story that I want to tell you. 👻

This Tuesday, vice President of another agency called me to teach. It’s inappropriate with my schedule.

Should I lying? Or tell the truth that I’m teaching in another agency? Damn. She will be disappointed. And a bad possibility is discharged me.

And I have no idea. My brain never stop to think while teaching Anin. Finding the best reason.

I chose the wrong choice. I should go to her first before go to Anin.

How pitiful I am.

5.30 am. I arrived at Nusa Hijau. I delayed more than 2 hours. Apprehensively, I entered the room. And saw the Vice President sat among the pupils waiting for me. I smile to hide my fearful. I took her hand grant an honor. She smiled gladly.

She said nothing. And ignored me after I gave her money which is stiil keep in me since yesterday.

Awkwardly, I have no idea what should I do. I was waiting about 30 minutes, until she came from his enlightenment to her pupils.

You know? She didn’t ask me where I’m from. What just I did? And why I came late? He was indignant over what I did? I don’t know. I have no idea.

The Important thing, I’m not lying anymore.